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Invendo Medical Announces FDA Clearance of the Invendoscopy E200 System – Including the First and Only Sterile, Single-Use Endoscope For Colonoscopies

Med Device Online – 07 September, 2016

A Simple, Safe and Effective Solution to the Challenges of Cross-Contamination and Infection Control.

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B. Braun-Affiliated Company Cited for 'Serious Deficiencies' in Sterilizing its Medical Products

The Morning Call – 08 September, 2016

ederal authorities have put a specialty-pharmacy company affiliated with Bethlehem's B. Braun on notice about "serious deficiencies" in its practices regarding sterilized products.

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Waste Management Facility Approved for Niles Charter Twp.

WNDU TV – 14 September, 2016

A meeting settled a summer's debate over a special land use permit for a proposed waste management facility in Niles Charter Township.

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Windsor Regional Hospital Looks to $500K Steam System To Solve Sterilization Issues

CBC News – 08 September, 2016

IAn american hospital is purchasing a system relatively new to North America but that has become commonplace in Great Britain and other parts of Europe.

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10 Old-School Nursing Skills You Don’t See Anymore

Scrubs – 23 March, 2016

ursing, along with the rest of the medical field, is constantly evolving to ensure better patient outcomes. Nursing skills, in particular, have changed quite a bit over the last several decades.

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Collapse: Detroit Hospital Systems Broken; No Clean Surgical Instruments

Natural News – 14 September, 2016

Many people simply take it for granted that a hospital will have the necessary clean equipment on hand to deal with whatever situations might arise during surgery. However, an unusually high number of errors at The Detroit Medical Center's Midtown hospitals is giving many patients pause.

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Records: Inspectors Missed Issues With Dirty Hospital Tools

CBS Detroit – 19 September, 2016

Records show state regulators who cited the Detroit Medical Center for lax training failed to find problems with dirty surgical instruments during an inspection last year.

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Tragedy Averted as Autoclave Machine Explodes at an Hospital

The Tribune India – 18 September, 2016

A major tragedy was averted at the Christian Medical College and Hospital (CMCH) after the autoclave machine at the operation theatre exploded. The incident took place when the staff was preparing the operation theatre.

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This Is The Best Place To Get Your Ears Pierced (It's Not The Doctor!)

Shefinds.com – 22 September, 2016

Tattoo parlors have to follow stricter disinfection guidelines than the shop at the local moll. But she's not 100% accurate about the piercing gun. There are sterilization methods that do not use heat: Plasma or chemical methods to mention a few. But it might be an overkill in this case.

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Air Force Academy Issues Alert to Patients who Underwent Colonoscopies, Enteroscopies

Military Times – 21 September, 2016

The Air Force Academy is notifying 267 patients of the school's medical clinic and the Veterans Affairs Eastern Colorado Health Care System that they are at risk for a number of infectious diseases due to improperly sterilized endoscopy equipment.

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Sterilization in Dentistry is Extermly Important



Dental Clinic May Have Exposed Kids to Deadly Bacteria

Newser – 15 September, 2016

These documents make doing what is right so much easier, as well as give dentists more information on compliance and a compliance program for their office.

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Duendoscope ToolWoman says Dental Office May Have Given Her Hepatitis C

kIRO 7 – 14 September, 2016

An Eastside woman is claiming a routine teeth cleaning at her dentist's office may have left her with Hepatitis C. The woman says she believes it may have come from contaminated tools at International Health Community Services in Bellevue.

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Interested in Dental Assistant Training? Here’s What You Should Know About Instrument Sterilization

Raw Story – 20 September, 2016

Dental assistants work with dental instruments daily, and those instruments need to remain clean to avoid the risk of contaminating a patient.

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Improperly Sterilized Dental Tools at Bethel Clinic Prompts Blood Tests for Nearly 200 Patients

KTUU – 30 September, 2016

A Western Alaska health corporation is providing blood tests to 191 people who may have received dental treatment with instruments that were only partially sterilized.

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