Laboratory Sterilization

Here you can learn about different aspects of autoclaving in labs, such as sterilizing liquids, hollows and solids, as well as the unique considerations of sterilizing in BSL environments. We publish new blogs on a regular basis that deal with pressing topics in the field of laboratory sterilization and infection control.

What to consider when purchasing a laboratory autoclave?

Laboratory autoclaves must provide high quality, dependable performance to allow a smooth operation of life-science research and scientific innovation.

Solids & Hollows Sterilization Guide for Lab Autoclaves

Learn how laboratories and research facilities can properly sterilize all of the instruments, materials, and media to run their experiments and daily tasks?

Liquid Sterilization Guide for Lab Autoclaves

Lots beakers of liquids must be sterilized on a daily basis in universities, research centers, and biotech labs to ensure the smooth operation of research and experimentation.

Lab Autoclave Sterilizer Features

Which features does your laboratory autoclave need? In this post is a reference guide designed to help you figure out which features are right for you.

BSL Autoclaves for Biosafety Sterilization

Due to their unique and potentially hazardous work, biosafety labs have special requirements in their construction, daily maintenance, and air pressure control.

Purchasing The Ideal Autoclaves Features For The Food and Beverage Industry

Laboratory autoclaves designed for food beverage lab, must provide high quality, dependable performance that will allow for the smooth operation of life science cutting-edge research and enable safe sample testing.