T-Edge Autoclave Sterilizer
T-Edge 10 and T-Edge 11

Large Chamber. Maximum efficiency.

Sterilize more in a single cycle to free up your time to treat patients.

TIVA High Thermal Washer Disinfectors
TIVA High Thermal Washer Disinfectors

Fully-automatic thermal high washer-disinfectors for all practices.

Designed to simplify your sterile processing workflow and ensure the safety of your patients and your staff.

Freestanding laboratory autoclave with open door and chamber
Laboratory Autoclaves

Laboratory autoclaves for Life Sciences and Quality Assurance

Choose from a comprehensive range of autoclaves covering the spectrum of laboratory sterilization. Sterilize liquids, media, glassware, instruments, waste, and other laboratory items.

Experts in sterilization and infection control

Benefit from our vast industry experience. Our team of sales, engineering, installation, and service professionals will assist you to achieve your sterilization and processing needs.

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Tabletop sterilizers for every countertop
Laboratory Solutions
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Veterinary Solutions
Veterinary autoclaves for every animal clinic
Over 90 Years Experience

A veteran in the industry, Tuttnauer has been leading in the Infection Control Market since 1925.

Wide Product Range

Tuttnauer offers a large selection of chamber sizes and doors including custom applications.

Customer Success Team

Our service and support team ensures every order receives worry-free installation and maintenance support.

Top Notch Delivery

We use professional delivery services to ensures safe transport.

Can an autoclave expose people to Coronavirus?

Tuttnauer developed the Virus Protection Shield cycle to protect staff and patients from air contaminated by viruses (such as SARS-CoV-2) released during chamber prevacuum of class B autoclave...

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Steam autoclaves and sterilization

Illness used to be a complete mystery. Able to strike anyone at any time. But along came the invention of the microscope in 1674, and one drop of rainwater became a whole new world of microbiology...

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Understanding laboratory autoclaves

Laboratories and research facilities simply cannot function without their autoclaves. Let's take a look at the special needs of lab autoclaves, the wide variety of materials and media,...

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