Tuttnauer's laboratory autoclaves cover a wide range of applications in research institutes, universities, pharmaceutical, food, medical and biotechnological industries.
The advanced benchtop laboratory autoclave line features table top sterilizers from Tuttnauer with fast cooling, optional drying and waste treatment options. The advanced laboratory line provides a single solution for the full spectrum of sterilization needs including liquids, culture media, instruments, glassware, plastics, pipette tips, biological waste, contaminated media and other laboratory items. The autoclave is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. The user can choose to add the features needed according to the sterilizer's intended use. The advanced laboratory autoclave line is available in an unmatched range of table top models with chamber volumes from 23 to 160 liters.
Benchtop Autoclaves for Life Sciences
  • Liquid sterilization with various cooling options
  • Pipette and Glass sterilization
  • Instrument sterilization (wrapped or unwrapped)
  • Biohazard and Waste sterilization
  • Agar preparation
Benchtop Sterilizers
  • Chamber sizes from 23 to 160 liters
  • Microprocessor based control panel
  • Built in printer
Semi-Automatic Benchtop Autoclaves
  • Chamber sizes from 23 to 160 liters
  • Semi-automatic