Pre and Post Vacuum


Autoclaves sterilizers for medical clinics.  A perfect solution for outpatient clinics and medical centers accommodating a full range of sterile processing cycles that meet strict international standards for safety and sterilization.     

Class S and Class N Autoclaves

Class S autoclaves feature an air pump for fast closed door heat assisted drying time and are suitable for porous loads as well as wrapped instruments.
Class N autoclaves for sterilization of unwrapped instruments make use of gravity displacement for air removal.


Sometimes simple is better.  If you want rapid cycles and low maintenance semi-automatic autoclaves are sometimes the best choice.

Complementary Products

To complete your sterilization solution, you’ll find a number of other products helpful in running your clinic’s sterile processing including ultrasonic cleaners, water distillers, sealing machines, and specialty cleansers.