T-Lan Eco Laboratory Autoclave Sterilizer
T-Lab Eco
Vertical Autoclaves
benchtop autoclave
Benchtop Autoclaves
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BSL 3 / 4 Autoclaves
TIVA8 Lab washer disinfector
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Laboratory Autoclave Sterilizers

Meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and performance, Tuttnauer's advanced laboratory autoclaves are trusted by life science labs and research institutes throughout the world. Rely on Tuttnauer with complete peace of mind.
T-Connect Software for Laboratories


T-Connect is software for smart laboratories to leverage advanced technology to improve workflow efficiency and results. Benefit from paperless documentation, device diagnostics, troubleshooting.

Laboratory and research autoclaves

Tuttnauer provides laboratory autoclaves with advanced cycle programs and features designed to satisfy the sterilization needs of microbiology, biopharma, food, chemical and other life science laboratories.

Biohazard Autoclaves

Biohazard autoclaves meeting Bio-Safety Level (BSL) requirements for BSL3 and BSL4 facilities, featuring double door pass-through configurations ensuring a hermetically sealed barrier between differently qualified risk level zones. Safe disposal of all effluent and gases from the contaminated area, backup safety systems, eliminating the threat posed by harmful pathogens and other contaminated materials.

Animal Care Autoclaves

Life Science autoclaves address sterilization requirements for laboratory research equipment used with animals, preventing cross-transmission, exposure to microorganisms in excrement and biological fluids, and pheromones from one research subject to another. Research data validity and reproducibility are maintained while ensuring a safe environment for humans.

Product Spotlight

Your go-to solution for life science lab
Fast liquid, glass and biohazard sterilization. Fast cooling, F0 control, isothermal processing, built-in vacuum pump and steam generator. Anything missing?
Fully automatic benchtop
Liquid sterilization with a range of cooling options; sterilize pipettes, glass, biohazard and more.
T-Lab Eco vertical laboratory Autoclave with open door
T-Lab Eco
Affordable performance lab autoclave
Sterilize glassware, pipettes and metal utensils. User-friendly multi-colour touchscreen control. Cooling fan built-in.

Your full circle of care

From the initial decision-making of what to suits your practice best, through delivery, training and support resources, we are with you every step of the way. Tuttnauer is a one-stop partner for life.
Insuring customer success
We are committed to helping you find the most suitable sterile processing solution, for your specific requirements.
Delivery and installation
“Air ride” equipped trucks ensure safe delivery to your door and our staff can assist you with the installation.
Worldwide support
Our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24/7 with worldwide maintenance and repair services.
A trusted warranty
By providing one of the best warranties in the field, you can rest assured with medical equipment you can count on.