Global Sales Team

Sterile processing professionals in over 130 countries rely on Tuttnauer's quality disinfection and sterilization equipment. Tuttnauer's regional sales managers are available to help you find a solution.

South West Europe Office

Contact info
[email protected]

Tuttnauer Europe B.V. Building

France and Belgium

Saïd Otmane
[email protected]

Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Nordics Countries

Norbert Gorniak
[email protected]

Italy and Malta

Massimiliano Spiazzi
[email protected]

East & Southeast Europe,
CIS Countries

Elizabeth Malina
[email protected]

International Business Development Manager

Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan

Moshe Rint
[email protected]

India, SE Asia & Pacific, China

Ori David
[email protected]

Mexico, Panama, Ecuador

Jorge Jimenez Garcini
[email protected]

South America, Spain and Portugal

Beny Schuftan
[email protected]

Middle East &

Nabil Aqel
[email protected]



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