Large Waste Autoclave

  • 250 to 1300 Liter autoclave chamber volume
  • Processes high volumes of medical waste
  • Automatic or manual loading
  • Pre-Vacuum Exhaust Air Treatment
  • Thermal Effluent System
  • Reduced cycle cooling times for faster cycles


Medical-Large Waste Autoclaves-TuttnauerThe Medical Waste Autoclave Line is designed to service hospitals and large medical centers that need to process high volumes of medical waste safely and on site

Chamber volume between 250 and 1300 liters


  • Automatic or manual loading system
  • Manual or automatic door system
  • Pre-vacuum air stream sterilization
  • Optional advanced control system with touch screen control
  • HEPA air filter

Prevacuum Air Sterilization

All air that leaves the chamber prior to sterilization is treated as highly infectious and passes through a stringent biological decontamination system that renders the air sterile.

Thermal Sterilization

Prevacuum air leaves the chamber and makes contact with high temperature steam and is then passed through a high temperature heat exchanger which greatly increases the heat applied to the air making the air sterile and safe. The sterilized air is then cooled and any condensate is discharged to the drain.

Sterilization by Filtration

Prevacuum air is sterilized by passing it through a 0.2 μm biological filter. In order to maintain proper and effective filtration, the filter is sterilized in-place during every sterilization cycle.


  • Easy on-site installation removes need to transport waste to an external treatment facility
  • Cost reduction in treatment and management of potentially infectious waste
  • Reduced liability for waste producer due to no off-site treatment processing
  • Relatively modest price and operating cost allows for quicker cost recovery

Environmentally Safe

  • Chemical-free process
  • No radiation
  • Clean and environmentally safe technology

Safe Landfill Disposal

  • Sterilized medical waste which has been processed to remove sharps is simple to dispose
    in a municipal landfill

Strong Vacuum Pump

The built-in vacuum pump produces a strong vacuum that ensures proper air removal for excellent sterilization results.

Inactivation of Micro-organisms

After sterilization the number of micro-organisms are reduced to less than 10-6.

Fast Cooling for Fast Cycles

Fast cycles are an important factor that influences the waste processing time. A built-in cooling coil is an important feature that reduces cycle cooling times enabling higher cycle rates and empowering you to sterilize medical waste without delays.

Specialized Loading Cart for Waste Transfer

A specialized loading cart for safely transferring medical waste is available with the following important features:

  • The bottom shelf has no holes to prevent liquid from leaking out of the cart
  • The bottom shelf has a drain to enable collection of any liquid waste into a container
  • All the shelves have a barrier around their perimeter to prevent waste from falling off the cart

Flexible PT100 for Liquid Loads

When treating blood, urine and other liquid medical waste a flexible PT100 placed in liquid waste load ensures sterilization at an effective sterilization temperature.

Medical Waste Autoclave with Loading Cart