Class S and Class N Autoclaves

Class S and Class N Autoclaves Autoclaves Series

Providing a safe environment is our priority Today medical clinics are voicing the demand for better sterilization. Tuttnauer is your partner in protecting your patients and gaining their trust. Our state of the art sterilization technologies are designed to deliver quality without compromise. Tuttnauer Automatic Autoclaves provide: Rapid cycles, Low maintenance, Durability, Safety

Fast drying Class S autoclave
  • 23 Liter chamber volume
  • Closed door active drying
  • Designed for the needs of busy clinics
  • Long lasting 316L stainless steel chamber
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D-Line EA and EKA
Class S Autoclaves
  • 19.8 to 85 Liter chamber volume
  • Dynamic pulsed air removal for uniform temperature distribution
  • Advanced control system with multi-color display
  • Download cycle data to your USB memory device
  • Door easy to open with one hand
  • Self-locking door with double safety locking mechanism
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E - Class N
Class N Autoclaves
  • 19 to 85 liter chamber volume
  • 316L stainless steel chamber and door
  • 0.2 µm HEPA air filter
  • Enhanced monitoring and documentation
  • Interdependent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • User friendly intuitive display
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EA and EKA
Class S Autoclaves
  • 65 and 85 liter chamber volume
  • Extra fast and thorough drying
  • High efficiency air pump
  • 316L type stainless steel chamber
  • 0.2 µm HEPA air filter
  • ingle touch control system
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