Coronavirus Sterilization

The Coronavirus pandemic caught the world by surprise. Tuttnauer is a member of the global Infection Control community, with an essential role in the daily battle against infection from harmful pathogens. We take the most extreme measures in fighting bacteria and viruses like the Coronavirus (aka SARS-CoV-2) and the resultant Covid-19 disease.

How to better protect dental and medical clinics from airborne contamination?

The Coronavirus pandemic caught the world by surprise. It is rapidly escalating and can only be contained by the use of extreme measures. Tuttnauer, a member of the Infection Control community, plays an essential role in the daily battle against cross-infection.

Virus Protective Shield Autoclave Cycle - Biological Test Results

Tuttnauer shows that pre-heating an autoclave chamber protects autoclaves users from virus contaminated air released during chamber prevacuum. Pre-heating an autoclave chamber successfully disinfects vegetative bacteria, simulating virus contamination.

Frequently Asked Questions - The New Virus Protective Class B Autoclave

Tuttnauer’s Elara autoclaves solve the problem of contaminated pre-vacuum air removal eliminating the risk of exposing yourself, your staff and patients to Coronavirus.

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor sterilization of respirator masks for reuse

Respirator and medical masks are being advocated as one of the essential infection control measures against the recent SARS-CoV-2 (aka Covid-19) virus pandemic and its rapid spread to the global population.

Special Garment Sterilization Cycle

For laundries at hospitals, laboratories and other industries. A sterile processing cycle program for high volume laundries that need FAST sterilization and COMPLETELY dry loads.

Corona protective shield - clinical supportive data

The innovative virus decontamination sterilization cycle was developed based on clinical research and literature review that supports its effectiveness providing a protective shield against the Coronavirus.

Unveiling an innovative Virus Protective Shield

A new pre-sterilization cycle to treat the viruses that may reside inside the autoclave chambers. For our class B dental and medical autoclaves.

Enhanced Protection In Compliance with the WHO Coronavirus Biosafety Guidelines

Minimizing the risk for laboratory staff processing specimens taken from patients with possible COVID-19 is essential and in order to do so requires autoclave air handing.

How to protect medical sterile processing staff from airborne contamination?

Sterile processing (SPD/CSSD) professionals do not receive the public attention deserved as frontline first responders to the novel coronavirus pandemic who risk their health on a daily basis to care for others.