Class N/S tabletop autoclaves

Designed and manufactured to deliver uncompromising quality, Tuttnauer's fully automatic tabletop autoclaves offer rapid cycles, low maintenance and guaranteed long-lasting durability.

Fast drying class S autoclave
  • 23 Liter chamber volume
  • Closed door active drying
  • Designed for the needs of busy clinics
  • Long lasting 316L stainless steel chamber
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D-Line EA and EKA
Class S Autoclaves
  • 19.8 to 85 Liter chamber volume
  • Dynamic pulsed air removal for uniform temperature distribution
  • Advanced control system with multi-color display
  • Download cycle data to your USB memory device
  • Door easy to open with one hand
  • Self-locking door with double safety locking mechanism
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E - Class N
Class N Autoclaves
  • 19 to 85 liter chamber volume
  • 316L stainless steel chamber and door
  • 0.2 µm HEPA air filter
  • Enhanced monitoring and documentation
  • Interdependent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • User friendly intuitive display
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EA and EKA Class S
Class S Autoclaves
  • 19 and 85 liter chamber volume
  • Extra fast and thorough drying
  • High efficiency air pump
  • 316L type stainless steel chamber
  • 0.2 µm HEPA air filter
  • Single touch control system
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