The Tuttnauer Group and its subsidiaries are committed to promoting integrity, honesty and professionalism and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct in all of the Company’s activities. The Company’s business success is dependent on the Company’s reputation for integrity and fairness. Therefore, it is essential that the highest standards of conduct and professional integrity be observed in all contacts made by the Company’s directors, officers, management and employees with the Company’s customers, creditors, shareholders, suppliers, governmental officials, fellow employees and members of the general public.

In this regard, Tuttnauer has formulated and adopted an Anti-bribery and corruption policy that addresses part of these issues and applies to all Tuttnauer employees and representatives around the world.

Since the Company has Subsidiaries and representatives around the world it is subject to several anti-corruption laws. This includes the USA Foreign Corrupt Practices ACT (FCPA), OECD regulations and others.

Under these laws it is forbidden for the Company or any of its representatives (including third parties) to engage in any act of Bribery with any Government official or representative with the objective to obtaining business advantages.

The Company has set a policy aimed to avoid this kind of misconduct and to pre-examine specific engagements and transactions that are of a higher risk to such misconduct.

The Company has an annual training schedule that includes all employees with direct contact to customers and vendors and has appointed a compliance officer that oversees the Third party due diligence process and is responsible to make decisions involving questionable transactions.