EA and EKA Class S Class S Autoclaves

  1. 316L type stainless steel chamber
  2. 0.2 µm HEPA air filter
  3. Single touch control system
  4. 19 and 85 liter chamber volume
  5. Extra fast and thorough drying
  6. High efficiency air pump

With extra fast and efficient drying cycles, the EA and EKA autoclaves significantly increase your productivity. These two models have the added benefit of a high efficiency air pump which allows closed door active drying. The EKA model has an additional quick cycle which significantly decreases sterilization cycle time, saving you time and optimizing results. The EA and EKA are built for improved sterilization with the ability to dry packs and pouches.



Chamber Volume
EA Series
23 Liter
64 Liter
85 Liter


Chamber Volume
EKA Autoclave
23 Liter

Safety and Convenience Features

  • Seamlessly integrated into your work environment with compact design and heat insulation
  • Durable 316L type stainless steel chamber and door with electro-polish finish
  • Control lock-out switch prevents starting a cycle when door is not properly locked
  • Door failure protection prevents door from opening at high pressure
  • Automatic safety shutoff prevents overheating


  • Thorough drying improves sterilization results
  • Faster drying for a shorter overall cycle
  • 0.2 µm HEPA air filter provides sterile, bacteria-free air for drying
  • Rapid cycles optimize the availability of ready-to-use sterile instruments
  • Easy-to-use, single touch control system increases productivity
  • Enhanced monitoring for consistent documentation of sterilization results
  • Long lasting, easy to maintain autoclaves guarantee virtually no downtime

Automatic Autoclave Series Features

  • 4 Pre-set sterilization programs
  • Program and customize cycle parameters to suit your needs and maximize flexibility
  • High precision control system for accurate sterilization results
  • Integrated printer for cycle documentation (optional)
  • PC Communication port enables storage of sterilization result
  • Interdependent temperature and pressure monitoring
  • User friendly intuitive display
  • Cycle information recovery in the case of power failure or cycle interruption
  • Insufficient water detector with automatic shutoff
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