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T-Edge Autoclave Sterilizer
Tabletop Autoclaves
Tiva 2 Washer disinfector for under counter top

Dental autoclaves and washers

Safe, robust and reliable, Tuttnauer's tabletop autoclaves and compact washer-disinfectors are trusted by dental clinics and smaller private practices all over the world. Designed to deliver quality without compromise.

Working under pressure

We have you covered with Class B high performance autoclaves. Reduce the time needed to operate an autoclave, so you have more time for patient care.

CLASS B Autoclaves - pre and post vacuum cycles for the fastest cycles.

Save time with automatic autoclaves

A growing clinic needs those time saving features so patients receive the time and service they expect from your staff. Automatic autoclaves provide those extra minutes.

CLASS S Autoclaves for fast closed door drying.
CLASS N Autoclaves with gravity air removal to sterilize unwrapped instruments.

Budget friendly manual autoclaves

Value-for-money autoclaves that provide reliable sterilization.
Semi-Automatic Autoclaves rapid cycles and low maintenance.

Product Spotlight

T-Edge (23L & 27L Chambers)
Premium performance in minimum space
Increase chair-side time with your patients. The T-Edge10 and T-Edge 11 high speed Class B autoclaves save you time, significantly improving your productivity.
Fast drying Class S autoclave
A cost-effective, fast drying, 23 liter chamber autoclave.
T-Top Tabletop Autoclave
T-Top (21L Chamber)
Cost-Effective Class B Perfomance
T-Top 21L Class B autoclave, fast cycles, easy to operate use.

Your full circle of care

From the initial decision-making of what to suits your practice best, through delivery, training and support resources, we are with you every step of the way. Tuttnauer is a one-stop partner for life.
Insuring customer success
We are committed to helping you find the most suitable sterile processing solution, for your specific requirements.
Delivery and installation
“Air ride” equipped trucks ensure safe delivery to your door and our staff can assist you with the installation.
Worldwide support
Our dedicated support team is available to assist you 24/7 with worldwide maintenance and repair services.
A trusted warranty
By providing one of the best warranties in the field, you can rest assured with medical equipment you can count on.