By Maimon Asaraf on January 16th 2018

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Q. If a tray is put into the sterilizer wet will the steam penetrate where the water is standing and sterilize? (Shelly, USA)

A. Yes, but we strongly recommend not placing wet items into the autoclave since it changes the steam quality and will increase the total heating and drying time...

By Dr. Peter Nichol on December 26th 2017

A captain of a ship would never set sail without a deep understanding of the engine room. After all the engine room is the guts of the ship. Likewise, operating rooms are the economic engine room of the hospital and the most important part of the operating room endeavor is reprocessing of surgical instruments or repro.

If surgical instruments are not cleared of bio-burden (meaning detectable biological contamination from the previous case), disaster unfolds. If a patient is harmed by exposure to a poorly processed surgical instrument, it gets out in the press; the Joint...

By on November 27th 2017

Tuttnauer is exhibiting at CPhI & P-MEC, November 25 - 30 2017, Maharashtra, Mumbai India. As the pharma industry is growing in India providing high quality, low cost pharma solutions, this event is the perfect place to pick up on the latest trends and innovations Tuttnauer offers in the pharmaceutical production sterilization market.

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Tuttnauer is seeking for partners that will help us supply autoclaves for the Indian pharma industry: pharma...

By Tuttnauer Team on Sep 12th 2017

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Statistic on Safety of Medical...

By Yuval Shilderman, Elran Melul on Jul 31st 2017

Autoclave steam sterilization process relies on monitoring three parameters: time, temperature, and pressure.

We use heat to perform sterilization and our carrier is moisture in an exact value. In order to achieve an effective sterilization process, we should gain control on each one of the 3 parameters combined, in order to produce saturated steam. A controlled process will produce the exact percentage of saturation that will carry the heat unto the microbes. It is also important to maintain this control over time and over the entire sterilization volume, as we...