69 Laboratory Autoclave Large Capacity Series

  • 510 to 1010 Liter chamber volume
  • Single or double door
  • ASME and PED compliant
  • 316L stainless steel chamber
  • For Laboratory applications

69 Large Capacity Series

Automatic Hinged Door

Horizontal Sliding Door

Tuttnauer Large Laboratory Autoclaves with chamber volumes from 510 to 1010 liters.

The 69 series is available with two door options:

  • Fully automatic horizontal sliding door
  • Hinged door with automatic locking

The laboratory autoclaves are provided with 10 preset cycle programs and 20 customizable cycle programs that range in temperature from 105°C - 138°C.

Isothermal cycles are optional. Standard programs are set for:

  • Sterilization of Liquids
  • Unwrapped instruments and glassware
  • Wrapped instruments, packs and utensils

All programs are fully programmable to suit your specific