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Implementing a Comprehensive Endoscope Reprocessing Program

Infection Control Today – 18 October, 2016

Several studies and media reports have linked outbreaks of multi-drug resistant organ-isms (MDROs) to endoscopes without any findings of reprocessing breaches.

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Detroit Medical Center not Likely to Fix Itself

The Detroit News – 15 October, 2016

Will turning over the cleaning of instruments to a private contractor stop an 11 year failure to reprocess?

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Chinook Regional Hospital Delays Elective Surgeries Due to Residue on Instruments

Global News – 03 November, 2016

Alberta Health Services has postponed over two dozen elective surgeries at Chinook Regional Hospital citing residue found on some surgical instruments.

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Flying Eye Hospital Returns Home for Flight Festival Before Retiring to Arizona Museum

Long Beach Post – 02 November, 2016

The McDonnell Douglas DC-10 was ushered into retirement by Orbis, an international non profin organization fighting blindness, unveiling of its third-generation Flying Eye Hospital in June of this year. It had been in operation since 1994 serving as the group’s traveling classroom, flying to developing countries and providing hands-on training to local eye-care professionals.

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New Focus on Hospital Errors Aims to Correct Problems

Martinsville Bulletin – 30 October, 2016

Every weekday morning, a 20-member team gathers at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital to talk about everything that went wrong the day before. Each patient fall, employee needle stick, central line infection, medication error, unanticipated death is picked apart until a portrait of the culprit emerges.

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Dental Mistakes Can Cause a Patient to Suffer Serious Injuries

Davis & Davis – 28 October, 2016

A legal perspective on dental mistakes.

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Surgery overseas leaves her infected and in agony

Chicago Suntiems – 20 November, 2016

A woman that undergoes cosmetic surgery gets infected due to poor sterilization in the OR. This is avoidable.

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Viral Hepatitis - CDC Recommendations for Specific Populations and Settings

CDC – 03 November, 2016

November was Diabetes and HepatitisB awareness asf month in the USA.

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Hundreds of Patients Warned after Surgery Equipment Cleaning Malfunction at Lions Gate Hospital

Global News – 23 November, 2016

Hundreds of patients who had surgeries at the Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver earlier this month are being warned after a malfunction in the cleaning equipment that processes instruments used in the hospital’s operating rooms.

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The future of 3D printing for the medical industry is only limited by the imagination



Considerations for Sterilization and Biocompatibility of 3-D Printed Orthopedic Devices

MDDI – 10 October, 2016

Sterilization techniques have developed side by side with medical developments. 3D printing is posing a whole new challenge to sterilization. Read this article to learn about these challenges.

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Duendoscope Tool3D Printed Medical Equipment Raises Questions

Vision Tiemes  – 2 November, 2016

As with any product used in the medical industry, the ability to clean and sterilize the material is crucial — better patient outcomes rely on it. 3D printed medical devices will necessitate the same rigorous cleaning standards, but they will require some flexibility in how it’s done. Radio frequency welding is one popular method of sterilization for medical and pharmaceutical companies.

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