Once you’ve decided to make a purchase for a washer disinfector for your clinic, you then need to decide on which one. Not all washers provide the same sought-after results. Using a washer disinfector helps to save time, as not only do you not have to clean the equipment by hand, but you also save the long drying time required before sterilizing the instruments.

It is tempting to purchase the lowest cost device or a plain consumer dishwasher.  However, there are several key factors you should consider before purchasing a HLD Washer, to ensure complete, efficient, effective, and safe sterilization of medical, dental, laboratory & veterinary instruments. The TIVA thermal high-level disinfector washer was designed with leading features versus its competitor devices. 

TIVA2 and TIVA8 washer disinfectors

Capacity Size

Consider the volume of instruments your clinic or lab will be processing. The washer disinfector should be able to handle the typical load while not taking up too much floor space, which would make it inefficient in terms of energy and space usage. What you want is a small footprint with a maximum chamber capacity.  The TIVA 2 and TIVA 8 have a meaningful larger chamber size volume (see below image details) versus the leading competitor.  A bigger chamber capacity means more instruments are washed per load and less bottlenecks occurring as the result of the disinfection stage.  Moreover, TIVA 8 offers more cassette capacity, 14 full size cassettes, versus other competitors of just 12 cassettes.  https://tuttnauer.com/us/medical-clinics/washer-disinfectors

Wide range for washer disinfectors


The temperature of thermal disinfection is a method of disinfection which relies on moist heat to kill bacteria and viruses by exposing them to a specific temperature for a set amount of time. The TIVA washers reach a temperature level of 199.4F while most competitors reach only 140F.  The significant difference makes it a superior high-level disinfection. 


Consider the environmental impact and operational costs per cycle. More efficient machines will save money. The TIVA washer line detergent is significantly cheaper than competitors, so you are using less detergent per load. Using the Tuttnauer disinfector washer will save approximately 1 hour of manual labor time for every 9 procedural cycles, this equates to roughly 1,100 hours (based on 8 working hours per day, 250 workdays a year) saved of manual working per year, and cost saving of $20,999. (As of Sep 10, 2023, the average hourly pay for a Dental Assistant in the United States is$19.09 an hour.  (source: https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Dental-Assistant-Salary))

Ease of Use

User-friendly interfaces, glass doors for all models, and an easy-to-understand controls can reduce operator errors and training time. The TIVA washers offer a clear glass door, so you are of what is happening in the process.  As well as a touch screen with graphic display for ease of use.

TIVA2 washer specifications
TIVA10 washer specifications

Noise Level

Especially in smaller clinics, the noise generated by the machine can be a concern. Quieter models might be preferred to maintain a calm environment. The TIVA line is designed as a quiet machine with an output level, the noise level is lower than competitor devices (TIVA sound level 56db).


Not only do the TIVA machines have 2 USB ports, they also feature the unique and exclusive T-Connect software.  This IoT solution provides access to cloud storage of cycles for seamless documentation, and access to cycles remotely in real time.  The T-Connect dashboard enables end-users to monitor all autoclave and washer devices activity anytime, from anywhere.  More importantly, it performs technical diagnostics, telling your service technician exactly what the error is and provides them not only with diagnostic tools but also with course of action to resolve any issue remotely, saving time and money while increasing equipment uptime. 

No other Washer Disinfector can provide healthcare clinics with this level of detail and upfront service support.

T-Connect software for washer disinfectors

Careful consideration of these factors will help ensure that you choose a high-level thermal washer disinfector that meets your clinic’s specific needs and application.

To learn more visit: https://tuttnauer.com/us/medical-clinics

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