The advanced vertical laboratory autoclave line features top loading sterilizers from Tuttnauer with fast cooling, optional drying and waste treatment options. The advanced laboratory line provides a single solution for the full spectrum of sterilization needs including liquids, culture media, instruments, glassware, plastics, pipette tips, biological waste, contaminated media and other laboratory items. The autoclave is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. The user can choose to add the features needed according to the sterilizer’s intended use. The advanced laboratory autoclave line is available in an unmatched range of floor standing models with chamber volumes of 23 to 160 liters.

Compact Series

Tuttnauer small laboratory autoclaves with chamber volumes from 120 to 310 liters.

Mid-Range Series

Tuttnauer medium laboratory autoclaves with chamber volumes from 340 to 600 liters.

Mid-Range Series
  • Bio-shield barrier hermetically seals between the hot and cold zones
  • Thermal sterilization treatment sterilizes all effluent and waste water
  • Double or single filtration systems ensure air is decontaminated before discharge
  • Autoclave chamber, piping and fittings are made from 316L stainless steel
  • Interlocks protect against passage of contaminated materials
  • Double door pass-through autoclave 
Large Capacity Chambers
  • 1500 to 8840 Liters autoclave chamber volume
  • High volume waste treatment
  • Floor or Pit mounted models