Tuttnauer technical training was held on October 12th to 22nd, 2015 for our Latin American technicians. Ten days of intensive training that turned the technicians into autoclave experts. The training was in Cancun, a renowned tourist destination in southeastern Mexico, located on the Caribbean Sea, a beautiful setting that put us into the right state of mind.

Tuttnauer's Automatic Tabletop Sterilizer

Cancun is the ideal setting for technical training

The training was held in Spanish and provided by Tuttnauer's sterilization expert Mr. Maimon Asaraf. The first week was dedicated to tabletop autoclaves and laboratory equipment. The second week focused on large hospital autoclaves for sterilization within the CSSD (Central Sterile Service Department).

30 technicians attended the first week of training and 40 autoclave technicians participated in the second week. Technicians came from all parts of the region including: Miami in the north to Argentina down south, Cuba and the Caribbean Islands.

It was a delight to meet the people who service Tuttnauer autoclaves and to provide them with the best practical and theoretical training they can get. The atmosphere was warm and friendly though I cannot say the same about the weather, which was not welcoming. We encountered some wicked tropical storms that took us by surprise.

Training Technicians in Cancun, Mexico

Here's a group picture from the first week of training. If you were there, you are more than welcome to tag yourself, comment or send us your pictures and impressions from the training.


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