30 program cycles are available with each autoclave. Up to 8 cycle programs are factory set according to optional features. The remaining cycles are fully customizable by the user.

Standard Cycles

  • Pre and Post vacuum cycles
  • Solid and glassware loads at 134°C or 121°C for delicate loads (plastics)
  • Liquid loads and waste liquids at 121°C
  • Hollow, porous and textile loads at 134°C
  • Waste: hollow, porous and textile at 121°C

Test Cycles

  • Air leakage test cycle
  • Bowie & Dick steam penetration test at 134°C

Option Cycles

Media Processing Cycles

Isothermal Processing
For preparing agar and other biological media with a temperature range from 60°C to 95°C that allows for gentle heating and cooling down of agar.

Holding Temperature
Special program with programmable holding temperature at the end of the cycle to prevent cooling of media.

Biohazard Air Filter

  • During air removal all exhaust air is filtered through a 0.2 μm biological filter to prevent contamination of the laboratory
  • Biohazard solid loads at 134°C and liquid loads at 121°C

Special Custom Cycles

Tuttnauer is able to provide specifically customized cycles, including:  material stress test, ageing test, varnish test, and others.

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