Water Saving

Hospitals autoclaves traditionally consume significant amounts of water using utility resources and increasing operational cost. Customers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly green features. Tuttnauer’s water saving system will make your facility more environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient by saving hundreds of liters of water per cycle.

Most water consumption of an autoclave takes place during effluent cooling via a heat exchanger and during vacuum-pump cooling when generating a vacuum in the chamber. Tuttnauer’s water saving systems reduces the water usage during effluent cooling and vacuum generation thereby making efficient use of water.


The AquaMinimal-Radiator reduces tap water consumption by as much as 50%.

EcoWater-Radiator water saving system


The AquaMinimal-Chiller is the best solution to minimize water consumption by as much as 90% and is suitable for facilities with a chilled water supply.