Bulk Steam Laboratory Autoclave

  • 1500 to 8840 Liter autoclave chamber volume
  • High volume waste treatment
  • Pre and post vacuum pump
  • Thermal Effluent System
  • Floor or Pit mounted models
  • For Laboratory applications


Bulk Steam Laboratory Autoclaves for Life Sciences

Tuttnauer Large Laboratory Autoclaves with chamber volumes from 1500 to 8840 liters.

The Bulk Laboratory Autoclave series is available with a fully automatic horizontal sliding door.

The laboratory autoclaves are provided with 10 preset cycle programs and 20 customizable cycle programs that range in temperature from 105°C - 138°C.

Isothermal cycles are optional. Standard programs are set for:

  • Sterilization of Liquids
  • Unwrapped instruments and glassware
  • Wrapped instruments, packs and utensils

All programs are fully programmable to suit your specific