Improved Air Removal

Vacuum Cycles

The autoclave’s vacuum pump efficiently removes residual air prior to sterilization, enabling effective penetration of steam.

The post-vacuum drying phase, at the end of the sterilization cycle, ensures complete drying of porous loads and hollow instruments. This guarantees that even the most difficult loads will easily reach sterility assurance levels.

Advanced Sterilization Cycles

F0 Cycle – An additional challenge with liquid sterilization is the need to prevent extended exposure of liquid media to high temperatures which may harm the quality of the liquid media. The advanced F 0 optional feature assists in minimizing the time liquids are exposed to high temperatures during sterilization thereby protecting liquid media, saving your laboratory time and reducing energy consumption. 

Disinfection/Isothermal Cycle (70-95°C) – A flexible low temperature cycle enables disinfection (“low” temperature isothermal). Temperature range settings are flexible within 70°C - 95°C range.

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