Multiple Solutions

Tuttnauer offers multiple solutions that answer unique requirements, enhance hospital sterilization procedures, and ensure a safe and worry free work environment.

Steam Supply

The autoclave uses saturated steam as the sterilization agent. The steam can be supplied to the autoclave from the building’s central source, a stand-alone generator, or a steam-to-steam generator.

Large Medical Sterilizer Options

Air Removal Method

Tuttnauer’s sterilization method substantially shortens cycle times. Air removal is achieved by evacuating air from the chamber with a liquid ring vacuum pump; combined with steam pulsing.


The pipes and fittings are constructed from stainless steel and brass. Pneumatically operated valves significantly reduce maintenance and downtime. AISI 316L grade stainless steel piping, fittings, and components are available for clean steam applications. High quality steam can be used for tissue culture work, sterile water preparation and other special processes.

RTD Load Probe / PT100 Option

In addition to the other temperature sensors in the autoclave, a number of optional flexible PT100 temperature sensors can be provided to monitor load temperature in the chamber, particularly useful with sensitive liquid loads which require precise temperature control.

HEPA Air Filter & Sterilization Cycle Option

A sanitary HEPA air filter provides an additional level of security. The filter cartridge is fitted in a stainless steel housing and can be periodically sterilized by the autoclave.


RS232/485 communication ports are available to meet your communications and monitoring needs.


In order to support long distance service and troubleshooting, the autoclave can be supplied with a built-in modem. This is only available with the Allen Bradley® based control system.

Other Options

  • Seismic Restraints
  • Automatic Utility Startup/Shutdown
  • Water Saving System

Large Medical Sterilizer Options

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