Process Challenge Device

How can you be sure your hollow instruments have been 100% penetrated?

Use Tuttnauer’s Process Challenge Device (PCD)

Tuttnauer’s PCD kit includes lumens that are more difficult to penetrate than your loads. With the PCD you can be certain your lumen loads are fully exposed to the vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizing agent. The PCD kit includes long lumen configurations that cannot be successfully sterilized in competing devices. The PCD Kit includes 1mm diameter lumens with lengths of 4m (both sides open) and 1.4m lumens (one side open).

Chemical indicators are used every cycle and in each package item to validate penetration and to ensure vaporized peroxide has made contact with the load.

Biological indicators are used according to a schedule required by a hospital’s policy and require an incubator (optional) to facilitate the detection of micro-organisms. Biological indicators validate sterilization by helping determine that the sterilizer effectively kills the micro-organisms.

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