23L and 27L Chambers

T-Edge Autoclaves So much more than just an autoclave

Get peace of mind with T-Edge autoclaves.

The T-Edge 10 and T-Edge 11 are space-saving tabletop autoclaves that give you high speed Class B performance saving you time so you can assist your patients, while meeting current international standards and regulatory requirements to protect your staff and patients.

T-Edge Autoclave Sterilizer
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Fully automated autoclaves that free up your time to treat your patients.
The T-Edge 10 and T-Edge 11 autoclaves will operate without interruption on a daily basis, offering efficiency and safety.
T-Edge Autoclaves
Low water consumption per cycle and lower electricity costs
Optimal chamber capacity
Designed to use more than 75% of the chamber capacity, with 5 extra-long trays
Compact & elegant
Designed for a 60 cm shelf depth. Comfortably fits in small spaces
Accessible & ergonomic
Convenient and easy loading with door opening to 110º. Assorted water filling and drainage: top, front or automatic
Easy operation
User-friendly touchpad and control panel
Excellent serviceability
Sophisticated operating system that allows fast detection of faults. Each part can be easily removed and repaired/replaced separately
Perfected cycle programs for effective cycle times
The T-Edge autoclaves ensure the safe and complete sterilization of all your instruments.
Preset Cycles
Cycle Program Temperature Load Type
Unwrapped 134 134 °C Unwrapped instruments
Wrapped 134 134 °C Wrapped instruments
Unwrapped 121 121 °C Unwrapped delicate instruments
Wrapped 121 121 °C Wrapped delicate instruments
Test Cycles
Program Name Temperature Load Type Type of Use
Prion 134 134 °C Solid/porous load For storage
Bowie and Dick 134 °C Chemical indicator in a product challenge device Periodic testing as referred to in ISO 17665-1
Vacuum Test N/A Empty Not applicable
Bowie & Dick Test Cycle
Verify effective steam penetration. Also suitable for testing air removal with Helix test.
Leak Test Cycle
Verify the integrity of the pressure vessel and its plumbing on a daily or weekly basis.
A simple to use as your smartphone
The T-Edge autoclaves are easy to use and give you easy access to cycle data and status.
T-Edge control panel
A simple to use as your smartphone
The T-Edge autoclaves are easy to use and give you easy access to cycle data and status.
User-friendly touch screen control panel. Quickly see programs, cycles times, water levels and more.
Remote real-time monitoring via smartphone or tablet app using Wi-Fi.
Advanced documentation and traceability options. For safety and regulatory purposes, scan barcode data (including expiration date) for the patient file during treatment.
Personalized username and password
Printouts for saving hard copies (optional printer).
Sophisticated data analysis capabilities with RPCR software
T-Edge on counter
Technical Specifications
Chamber Dim. ø x L (mm)
T-Edge10: 250 x 460
T-Edge11: 280 x 460
Chamber Volume
T-Edge10: 23 liters
T-Edge11: 27 liters
Dimensions W x H x D (mm)
T-Edge10: 480 x 500 x 580 mm
T-Edge11: 500 x 500 x 580 mm
Tray Dimensions (W x H x D)
T-Edge10: 421 x 189 x 20.5 mm
T-Edge11: 421 x 207 x 20.5 mm
T-Edge10: 53 kg
T-Edge11: 56 kg
Power Supply
T-Edge10: 50/60Hz, 230V-1Ph+N+GND
T-Edge11: 50/60Hz, 230V-1Ph+N+GND
Number of Trays
T-Edge10: 5
T-Edge11: 5
Both models: 1 Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, WIFI, integrated automatic water filling and drain connection
Items Supplied
T-Edge10: Drain tube, tray holder
T-Edge11: Drain tube, tray holder

Standards & Directives

Electromagnetic compatibility
EN 61326-1
Verification & validation functional tests
EN 13060, ANSI/AAMI ST55
Software validation
EN 62304, FDA guidance
Usability (User experience, human factor engineering) tests
IEC 62366-1
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