Chamber Clean™

CLEAN & SHINE Your T-Edge Chamber

The easiest way to keep your autoclaves clean and free of hard water deposits.
Designed specifically for steam sterilizers, CHAMBER CLEAN cleaning tablets effectively clean and descale the reservoir, chamber and tubing in minutes.

Simple to use premeasured tablets
Replaces messy liquid detergents
Increases sterilization efficiency
Extends autoclave lifecycle
Odor free and easy to store
12 Cleaning tablets per box

For cleaning for Class B autoclave chambers.

A few simple steps to a hassle-free cleaning


1. Place one cleaning tablet at the back of the autoclave chamber and close the door

2. Choose the Chamber Clean cycle

3. Press start to begin the cleaning cycle

4. Post cleaning cycle, sterilization can be applied immediately

* For additional instructions, please follow directions on the CHAMBER CLEAN box. Use 1 CHAMBER CLEAN tablet in T Edge Autoclaves models. For optimal results it is recommended to run a cleaning cycle using CHAMBER CLEAN every 25 cycles (based on average of 5 cycles a day and 25 cycles a week).

For full instructions on how to use Chamber Brite, follow the directions on the box.


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