28 Liter chamber

2840EL-D Benchtop autoclave for Life Sciences

Designed to save space on your laboratory workbench, the 2840EL-D is a front loading benchtop autoclave that provides high quality, repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of applications used in modern laboratories.

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Designed for your laboratory applications

The 2840EL-D has an advanced multi-color control panel and a chamber made of 316L stainless steel. Each model has a number of optional added-value features which can be configured for fast cooling, efficient drying, Fo control, and more.
Advanced Control System
Take Advantage of Tuttnauer’s state-of-the-art control system with multi-color display
Automatic pressure locking system. Door will not open when the chamber is overpressured 
Optional Internal Printing
Documents date, time, temperature and pressure
Intuitive Multi-Color Display
Multi-color display for easier reading gives quick access to important information. Color is used to indicate the stage of the cycle
High Quality Stainless Steel
316L grade stainless steel chamber and door with electro-polish finish
Diverse Load Types
The 2840EL-D autoclave comes with 8 factory set cycle programs that cover the processing needs of most laboratories and research centers

An optimized program for every load

30 program cycles are available with each autoclave. Up to 8 cycle programs are factory set according to optional features. The remaining cycles are fully customizable by the user.
Program Cycles and Features
Standard Cycles
  • Solid and glassware loads at 134°C or 121°C for delicate loads (plastics)
  • Liquid loads and waste liquids at 121°C
Standard Cycles added with optional features
  • Cooling Coil + Compressed Air
  • Fast cooling for liquid loads at 121°C
Feature: Vacuum Pump
  • Pre-vacuum cycles
  • Solid and glassware loads at 134°C or 121°C for delicate loads (plastics)
  • Liquid loads and waste liquids at 121°C
  • Air Leakage Test Cycle
Feature: Vacuum Pump + Steam Generator
  • Pre and Post vacuum cycles
  • Hollow, porous and textile loads at 134°C
  • Waste: hollow, porous and textile at 121°C
  • Bowie & Dick steam penetration test at 134°C
Media Processing Cycles
  • Isothermal Processing: for preparing agar and other biological media with a temperature range from 60°C to 95°C that allows for gentle heating and cooling down of agar
  • Holding Temperature: Special program with programmable holding temperature at the end of the cycle to prevent cooling of media
Special Custom Cycles
  • Tuttnauer is able to provide specifically customized cycles upon request. These may include material stress test, ageing test, varnish test, and others.
  • Extended Sterilization Time: Special program with extended sterilization times up to 999 minutes
  • Multiple Cycle (Material Sterss Test): Special program to automatically run multiple cycles on the same load

Your data, where you need it

The 2840 EL gives you easy access to its cycle data. Via USB, Ethernet or printer.

Your data, where you need it

The 2840 EL gives you easy access to its cycle data. Via USB, Ethernet or printer.
Print a hard copy of cycle data via optional printer
Store 200 cycles on your autoclave for reprinting or downloading to a PC
Easily transfer cycle data to a PC via USB
Connect to a local network for use with the optional RPCR Software for remote monitoring of up to 8 autoclaves
Generate PDF reports with graphs and tables using optional RPCR Software
Multilevel Password protection

Technical specifications


Technical specifications

Overall Dimensions (WxHxD)
530mm x 440mm x 630mm
Chamber Dimensions  Ø x D
280mm x 400mm
Chamber Volume
28 Liter
Sterilization Temp. Range
105°C to 138°C 
Voltage & Frequency
1 Phase
208V, 230V
50-60 Hz

Standards and directives

(a partial list)

Tuttnauer quality systems are ASME certified. All ASME certified autoclaves are inspected by an independent authorized ASME inspector.

Directives & Guidelines
PED 97/23/EC Pressure Equipment Directive
2002/95/EC RoHS Directive
2006/95/EC Electrical equipment
2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility
2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
2002/96/EC WEEE Directive
ANSI / AAMI – ST55: 2010 Table Top steam sterilizer
EN 13060: 2004+A2: 2010 - Small Steam Sterilizer
Safety & EMC Standards
DIN 58951-2:2003 Steam Sterilizers for Laboratory Use
EN 61010-1: 2010 Safety Requirements for laboratory use
EN 61010-2-40: 2005 Safety requirements for sterilizers
EN 61326-1: 2006 Electrical Equipment for EMC Requirements
EN 17665-1: 2006 Sterilization of health care products - moist heat
Pressure Vessel and steam generation construction standards
ASME Code, Section VIII, Division 1, Pressure Vessels
ASME Code, Section I, for Boilers
Quality System Compliance
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems
EN ISO 13485:2012 Quality Management System
Canadian MDR (CMDR) SOR/98-282 (2011)
In compliance with FDA QSR 21 CFR part 820 & part 11


Featured Accessories

Tuttnauer offers a range of high quality complementary products for your autoclave.
Water distiller
Distill your water to be 99% free of total dissolved solids.  24 Liters a day.
Sealing Machine
Keep instruments sealed after sterilization to maintain perfect sterility during their shelf-life
Chamber Brite™
Chamber Brite cleans and descales an autoclaves chamber, reservoir and tubing.
Instrument pouch rack
Stainless steel pouch rack is for loading and unloading instruments.
Clean & Simple Ultrasonic
Ultrasonic enzymatic solution dispensed in tablet form.
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Quiet cleaning power which is less aggressive to instruments.
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