Lightweight & Portable Laboratory Autoclaves

Laboratory Infection Control Solutions

T-Classic One Autoclave

T-Classic One

Lightweight and portable

9 litre capacity

Sterilizes at 126°

Classic Plus Gauged Autoclave

T-Classic Plus Gauged Autoclave

Gauges for temperature and pressure

12 Litre capacity

Sterilizes at 126 °C

Classic Media Autoclave

T-Classic Media

Sterilize media and liquids

12 Litre capacity

Sterilizes at 121 °C

Classic Autoclaves

Gives you the most cost-effective sterilization solution. 

Simple to use, fully automatic with a simple, one touch operation.

Reliable and trusted worldwide.

Reliable Performance

Consistent sterilization cycles you can rely on.

Sterilization Cycle

Optimized program cycles

Media and Liquid

Safe liquid and media preparation.

Portable Laboratory Sterile Processing Solution

Tuttnauer brings you a lightweight, easy to move, lab autoclave from our UK subsidiary Prestige Medical.

T-Classic Lab Autoclave

Making your lab sterilization process easy, quick and affordable.

T-Classic One Autoclave

Sterilize instruments quickly.


One integrated complete solution 
that serves all your sterilization needs.


95 Years of excellence in providing 
solutions for sterilization.

  • 200 distributors worldwide
  • 500 Employees
  • Presence on all five continents
  • Offices located around the globe

From our Blog

Sterilization for ASCs

The Important Facts about Infection Control in ASC’s

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have made convenient surgery possible in the United States. These centers have become very popular within the last two decades.

The number of surgical procedures performed outside of the traditional hospital setting has increased significantly. During the past two decades, freestanding outpatient surgery centers have represented one of the fastest growing health care settings. At the end of 1997, there were more than 2,600 such centers in the United States. In the same year, more than five million surgical procedures, led by ophthalmological and gastroenterological procedures, were performed in freestanding outpatient surgery centers. An additional 3.6 million minor surgical procedures were performed in physician office-based facilities.  There are over eighteen thousand Ambulatory Surgery Centers in the US as of 2023.

asc connectivity

Connectivity Is Why I Love the Modern Autoclave

We all know how passionate I am about ensuring proper infection control in dental practices, and one of the key factors to achieving this is having the most effective equipment. This includes an autoclave that meets international standards and all the regulatory requirements.

Running a subpar autoclave puts your practice at a higher risk of spreading infections, cross-infection, and contamination, let alone the inefficiencies that end up costing you time and money.

asc infection prevention and control

How In-office Biological Monitoring Can Save you from Infection Control Breaches

As an ICC certified in dental infection prevention and control, I am always asking about infection control protocols. Once, during a volunteer program offering dental care services, I asked about their procedures for monitoring sterilization, such as chemical, mechanical, and biological monitoring. Most of the time, offices are making efforts, and I am always excited to help guide them the rest of the way.

In one situation, the answer was, “we don’t do any of that.” I was speechless. I dared to ask about autoclave maintenance and how often the team was cleaning and maintaining the autoclave.  The answer also left me speechless. From that moment on, I assume they are doing nothing until proven otherwise.

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