Low-Temperature Sterile Processing for Flexible* and Rigid Endoscopes and Heat Sensitive Medical Instruments

Efficient, Reliable and Consistent Sterilization

Compatibility with flexible endoscopes tested and verified by independent German laboratory
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Green and cost-effective technology
Low power and H2O2 consumption, no water consumption, no harmful by-products

Designated Process Challenge Device (PCD)
Making sure your highly challenging flexible loads with lumens are fully penetrated

Traceability and data storage
Built-in memory stores data for 1000 cycles that can be downloaded through USB connection

Quality & Design
Stainless steel exterior prevents cracks and discoloring of the facade

Free to Choose
A wide selection of consumables and complementary accessories

User-Friendly, Simple to Operate, Monitor and Maintain

  • Simple-to-operate, sophisticated 7” touchscreen shows live cycle data
  • Remote monitoring and cycle performance analytics with Tuttnauer Remote PC Reporting (R.PC.R®) software
  • Multiple languages, access levels, and user passwords for optimal security and support
  • Automatic tracking and maintenance notifications

Variety of Configurations Fits Many Needs

  • 3 Chamber Sizes: 50L, 110L, and 160L
  • 4 Door Options for each chamber size: Single or double, manual or sliding