Sterilization Cycles

Normal Cycle
(Non-hollow loads)
Cycle (Hollow Louds)
Endoscope * 
  Cycle Time (min.) Cycle Time (min.) Cycle Time (min.)
P50 35 40 28
P110 45 50 30
P160 50 55 45

* Endoscope cycle temperature:  short heating time and reduced H2Oexposure time
Note: Cycle times are based on a hot cycle and may vary according to load volume.

Test Programs

Test Cycles Description
Test I Penetration Test
Test II Leakage Test



Non-Hollow Loads

Non-hollow loads are sterilized with the “Normal Cycle”.

Hollow Loads

Hollow loads are sterilized with the “Advanced Cycle”.


Endoscopes and similar equipment are sterilized with the “Endoscope Cycle”.

• The instruments and equipment presented are only a partial list of the wide range that can be safely sterilized in PlazMax
• Only use PlazMax with equipment authorized by original manufacturer to be sterilized with plasma sterilizers