Innovative Control System

Dynamic Multi-Color Display

A bright multicolor LCD panel for easy reading, even from a distance.

  • Wheel rotates to indicate an active cycle
  • Time remaining during Water Filling, Sterilization, and Drying stages is updated in real-time
  • Multilingual interface (26 languages)

Digital Data on Your PC

Save cycle data files on your PC with no additional or specialized hardware

R.PC.R Software

Automatic Recording of Cycle Information to your PC

Reporting You Can Rely On

  • Automatic cycle data recording to any PC on your network
  • Convenient access to graphs & tables
  • Easily generate PDF reports
  • No need to file printouts, saving you time

Be in Control with Real-Time Remote Monitoring

  • See the real-time autoclave display on your PC
  • Monitor all activity for up to 8 autoclaves

R.PC.R Software is optional.

With R.PC.R you can see: Graphs of the cycle data, numeric cycle data, cycle print-outs, measured values table, table of parameters.

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