Glassware, Hollow and Tip Applications

Efficient air removal is an important requirement for sterilizing hollow loads such as laboratory glassware and tips where the standard gravity displacement air removal method is not effective.  Air removal after sterilization also assists in fast drying of your laboratory glassware.

Efficient Air Removal

An optional vacuum pump can be used for fractioned pre vacuum air removal eliminating air pockets from all load types and maximizing efficient steam penetration throughout the  entire load.

Active Drying with Post Vacuum

For benchtop autoclaves, an optional vacuum pump can be used for post vacuum drying, at the end of the sterilization cycle, ensuring improved drying of porous loads and hollow instruments such as pipette tips. The benchtop autoclave is equipped with a heating plate attached under the chamber that heats the chamber during the drying phase. The low pressure in the autoclave chamber, caused by the vacuum, reduces the boiling temperature forcing moisture to evaporate rapidly. The vapour is then removed from the chamber by vacuum resulting in a dry load.

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