365 Liters

Dry-LIN Warming Cabinet For warming linens & blankets

Energy efficient cabinets for warming blankets in hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes.

Efficiently recycles 50% of the heated air, resulting in lower energy consumption and faster drying time.  A HEPA 14 air filter removes particles greater than 0.3 micron in size, ensuring safe clean air intake

Dry-10B Warming Cabinet
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Designed for energy efficiency
Effective warming of blankets, due to circulation of heated air around blankets. Shelves can be removed to make room for taller loads. 50% of the air is recycled reducing energy consumption.
Linens in warming cabinet
Shelves included
10 shelves to hold warming blankets
Anti-corrosive stainless steel AISI 304
365 Liter chamber, suited for hospitals and medical centers
Precise temperature control
Two PT 1000 interior probes
Advanced Touch Control
Easy to use glass touch control panel and color LCD screen
Efficient Air Filter
A HEPA 14 filter for particles over 0.3 micron in size ensures safe clean air intake
Acoustic-thermal insulation
The temperature of glass door does not exceed 32°C
Dry-10B Warming Cabinet
Technical Specifications
Overall Dimensions (WxDxH)
700mm x 450mm x 1900mm
Chamber Volume
365 Liter
180 kg
Air Flow Rate
100 m3/h
Noise Level
60 dBa
3100 W (Max)
Voltage & Frequency
230 V 1-Ph
230 V 3-Ph
400 V 3-Ph N
50-60 Hz
13 A
Front View
Side View
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