Biosafety and Waste Treatment Facilities

Tuttnauer supplies full sterilization solutions for the treatment of bio-hazardous materials and waste. Tuttnauer autoclave sterilizers can be customized to meet the specific requirements of laboratories classified as BSL3/4 (Bio-Contaminant Level 3 or 4) where harmful pathogens and viruses that leave the sterilizer prior to disposal must be fully sterilized. The bio-hazardous waste sterilization cycle will efficiently process any load without risk to the environment.

These autoclaves are supplied with a thermal effluent decontamination stage that sterilizes chamber air and waste water prior to their release into the atmosphere and drain. An additional sterilization system is incorporated into the autoclave which prevents bio-hazardous aerosol generation. During the air removal phase, the exhaust, aerosol and condensation pass through a secondary sterilization treatment that sterilizes the effluent. During the heating and sterilization phases all effluent is not allowed to exit the chamber until the sterilization phase is fully complete.


Safety is Our Top Priority

Safety of personnel is an important issue. Tuttnauer autoclaves include numerous safety features/systems to ensure a safe work environment.

Door Safety

The laboratory autoclaves are designed with a number of independent mechanical and digital safety features:

  • In case of failure the clean door remains closed in order to protect the clean area from contamination
  • A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when the chamber is pressurized
  • Steam will not enter the chamber when the door is open
  • A cycle cannot start if the door is open or not properly locked
  • The door cannot unlock until liquid temperature reaches the predetermined end temperature
  • The door cannot unlock until chamber pressure reaches room pressure
  • An air inflated door gasket creates a hermetic seal between the door and chamber
  • Sliding Door Safety - sliding door progress will automatically stop if an obstruction is detected
  • Double Door Safety - interlocks prevent both doors from being opened simultaneously

General Safety Features:

  • Double Independent Monitoring: The combined electronic and mechanical monitoring ensures that the operator has two independent means to monitor pressure
  • Safety Valves: If the pressure exceeds the allowed limit the safety valves will discharge
  • Built-in Steam Generator Safety: A water level monitoring system maintains a constant water level and ensures safe operation of the heaters
  • Emergency shut-off: Easily accessible emergency switches for immediate cycle shut-off


Bio-Shield Frame Option

The Tuttnauer bio-shield frame meets the BSL2 bio-safety level. The autoclave is surrounded by a frame that serves as a placeholder for a cross-contamination seal made of Neoprene sheet. The Neoprene sheet is placed between the frame and wall at site.

Bio-Shield Barrier System Option

The Tuttnauer bio-shield barrier system meets BSL3 and BSL4 bio- safety levels using a wall seal (type 3).

  • Jacket Frame - This system includes a fully welded metal strip surrounding the jacket. It is equipped with threaded studs, counter plate, nuts and necessary pass-through fittings for wiring or tube paths.
  • Wall Frame - The frame is anchored to a concrete wall. Studs, counter plate, nuts and neoprene sheets are used to seal the gap between the wall and the frame.
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