Prevacuum Air Sterilization

All air that leaves the chamber prior to sterilization is treated as highly infectious and passes through a stringent biological decontamination system that renders the air sterile.

Thermal Sterilization

Prevacuum air leaves the chamber and makes contact with high temperature steam and is then passed through a high temperature heat exchanger which greatly increases the heat applied to the air making the air sterile and safe. The sterilized air is then cooled and any condensate is discharged to the drain.

Sterilization by Filtration

Double Filter Option

For BSL 4 facilities a double filter system is recommended. Air from the chamber is passed through a double filtration system that ensures the air is decontaminated before discharge. The double filtration system uses two double-jacketed 0.2 μm filters sequentially mounted for added security. The filters are sterilized during the sterilization process.

Single Filter Option

Prevacuum air is sterilized by passing it through a 0.2 μm biological filter. In order to maintain proper and effective filtration, the filter is sterilized in-place during every sterilization cycle.

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