265 Liters | 12 DIN

Tiva 10-1VL Glassware Washer Automatic Door

  1. 265 Liter chamber
  2. 12 DIN basket capacity
  3. Hands-free door operation
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Powerful, reliable and customizable
The Tiva 10-1VL is equipped with an automatic sliding door, of double tempered glass, for laboratory glassware with 4 independent levels. The upper levels are removable for washing large items. Is equipped with a system that filters, electrically heats and forces, with a powerful blower, the air in the wash chamber and inside the hollow instruments, to obtain an excellent drying result. A wide range of racks, nozzles and accessories complete these machines, suitable to wash and dry a wide variety of laboratory glassware.
Automatic glass door
The slim design allows you to fit these models into a small space while maximizing load capacity
Washing chamber made of high quality AISI 316L
265 Liter chamber, suited for sterilization departments
Diverse load types
Can be loaded with up to 6 washing levels for a total 12 DIN baskets. Available trolleys for different kinds of loads
Advanced Touch Control
Touch panel with color graphic display with a total of 40 programs: preset and programmable
Advanced features
Air drying prefilter + HEPA H14 filter. Boiler for purified water. 2 dosing pumps. 3 heating elements. Built-in steam condenser
Hands-free door operation
Equipped with a sensor for hands free door operation
Technical features
External dimension (WxDxH)
680x700x1950 mm
Chamber dimension (WxDxH)
560x585x800 mm
Chamber volume
265 Liter
Max pump flow rate
Max pump flow rate: 626 l/mn
Max drying fan flow rate with filter
150 m³/h
Max absorbed power
11,4 kW
Max number of dosing pumps for chemicals with flowmeters
Chemical tank capacity
5 Liter

Standard device configuration options

USB SLAVE interface for PC
USB HOST interface for FLASH DRIVE
Interface for external printer or data connection exchange
Touch panel with color graphic display
Certificated plumbing system, designed to isolate the potable water pipeline system (water gap) as prescribed by European Standard EN 1717:
Automatic door
Forced air drying
Wash chamber made of high quality stainless steel, AISI 316L (EN 1.4404)
Hot water connection
Cold water connection
Deionized water connection
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