For Applications that Need High Performance

Tuttnauer's high performance laboratory autoclaves are equipped with the following optional features: a built-in steam generator, avacuum pump and a coiled pipe around the chamber. These autoclaves provide efficient heat-up and complete drying.

Immediate Steam and Efficient Air Removal

During the heat-up phase air is efficiently removed from the chamber by a strong vacuum pump. Steam, that is immediately available from the built-in steam generator, is then injected into the autoclave for immediate chamber heating.

Chamber Heating and Post Vacuum

Highly efficient drying is achieved by uniformly heating the chamber wall of the benchtop or vertical autoclave. The chamber is heated by passing steam through a coiled pipe around the chamber. The post vacuum stage reduces the boiling point which speeds up drying. This results in faster and complete drying, and guarantees that even the most difficult loads such as textiles, porous loads, hollow instruments and tips, will dry.


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