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on Apr 8th 2014

In the Northern Hemisphere, April is the first full month of spring. The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising and a sensation of renewal is in the air. Spring cleaning is a cross cultural annual rite that spans geographies, climates and languages. Although this survey shows that spring cleaning is in decline, many people still break out the mop and broom at this time of year and hum the...

By Dr. Mario Finkiel Ph.D. on Jul 4th 2013

In this post we will continue our discussion about the different sterilization methods available. A quick reminder of our goal - total destruction of microorganisms! Sterilization methods can be divided into two: heat or non-heat sterilization methods. This post will focus on the most common methods that use heat to sterilize. So grab a cool icy drink, it's going to get hot. Very hot.

Flaming: Sterilization in an Open Flame

The oldest method around is flaming, holding an instrument in an open flame. This is exactly what is...