Automatic Autoclaves Installation

For units with a Microprocessor version # ending in WP (the version # is displayed on the screen each time the unit is turned on).
  1. Place unit on a sturdy level counter.

  2. Fill the Reservoir with distilled water

  3. The unit is ready to operate

To Adjust the Filling Time:

  1. Press the STOP Key repeatedly until the message “Code:xxx” appears.

  2. Using the UP/DN arrow keys change the code to 105, then press the STOP Key.

  3. A message will be displayed saying “Water in = xx sec”

  4. Using the UP/DN arrow keys change the seconds according to the following:

    EZ9 = 30 sec

    EZ10 = 35 sec

    3870EK = 65 sec

    Now press the STOP Key

  5. On some older units the message “Ea Type:” will appear,using the UP/DN arrow keys select either “0” for an E or EK type unit or “1” for an EA or EKA type unit.

  6. Press the STOP Key to finish

  7. The unit is ready to operate

For units with a Microprocessor version # NOT ending in WP

  1. Follow steps 1–5 for Manual Units above,then empty the water from the chamber and check the automatic water fill.

  2. Turn the unit on

  3. With the door open press and hold the door switch,then press the start button. When water starts flowing release the door switch.

  4. Water should come up to the same spot as the measured amount had.

  5. If need be adjust the automatic fill using the following procedure.

To Adjust the Automatic Filling:

  1. While leaving the door open turn power off.

  2. Press and hold the Manual Water Fill Button (this is the button with the two arrows).

  3. Turn the power back on

  4. When the normal display screen appears release the fill button –immediately press it in again and monitor the water flow

  5. Continue to hold the button until water reaches groove at front –then release button – wait ten seconds – the unit is reprogrammed.

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