Cleaning Indicators

Designed for routine control of cleaning processes, Tuttnauer cleaning indicators enable the routine monitoring of washing/disinfection processes in automatic machines and with different washing and thermo-disinfection configurations.

  • Strict quality standards, in line with the ISO 15883 standard requirements
  • Complete control of the washing cycle, including the monitoring of thermal disinfection
  • Vital stage for ensuring the success of the subsequent sterilization and disinfection processes
  • High-reliability levels, detecting deficiencies in the cleaning and disinfection process
  • Long shelf-life to decrease waste and costs and enhance safety

CI (Clean) Blue

WTL198-0061 - Cleaning test indicator. Normal load challenge level: high


CI (Clean) Pink

WTL198-0062 - Cleaning test indicator. Heavily soiled load challenge level: very high


CI (Clean) Green

WTL198-0063 - Thermo-disinfection and cleaning indicator


CI (Clean) Endoscope

WTL198-0064 - Self-adhesive cleaning indicator for endoscope cleaning performance tests in automatic endoscope reprocessor

CI Holder

CI Holder

WTL198-0065 - Cleaning indicators holder for Tuttnauer cleaning indicators

Endoscope Cleaning Kit

Endoscope Clean Kit

WTL198-0066 - Cleaning device kit for automatic endoscope reprocessors/washers

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