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Dental Autoclaves & Washers

Low on space, high on quality and features, Tuttnauer dental autoclaves are the infection control systems of choice in dental clinics and practices across the globe and a one-stop-shop for all your sterilization needs.

Tabletop Sterilizers

Tuttnauer dental tabletop autoclaves provide critical sterilization that enables dentists and technical professionals to carry out their work in an optimal sterile environment.
5596 freestanding medical autoclave

Freestanding Dental Autoclaves

Meeting the highest standards for quality, safety and performance, Tuttnauer's dental autoclaves are trusted by dental centers throughout the world.
TIVA High Thermal Washer Disinfector

Washer Disinfectors

High-end washers for the decontamination of complex instruments.
Dr. Glen Ehrenman

“I am a pediatric dentist and our practice needed a reliable, quick autoclave due to our high instrument turnover rate. We purchased our Tuttnauer 2540M back in the early 1990’s for these reasons. I found my 2540M to be very dependable, easy to operate and care for.”

Dr. Glen Ehrenman DDS, Westbury, NY

Dr. Kelly Kalmar

3 Doctors, 6 dental assistants and 3 dental hygienists working on a daily basis. Sterilization is very important to keep patients safe.  The T-Edge 10 and T-Edge 11 autoclaves processes a lot of instruments at one time. Processing a lot of instruments in one cycle prevents interruptions to the flow of the dental clinic.  Setting the first cycle of the day to start automatically makes for an easy start to the day of the Kalmar Family Dentistry clinic.

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Product Spotlight

Manual, versatile autoclave
Quick instrument turnaround for high volume labs and clinics.
5Gal/18.9L Chamber Vol.
2540M Sterilizer
Manual, versatile autoclave
Quick instrument turnaround for high volume medical clinics and labs.
6Gal/22.7L Chamber Vol.
EZ10  autoclave
Fully automatic with closed door drying
It doesn't get EZier. Set it. And forget it. Simple one-touch filling, sterilization, exhaust and drying.
Ideal Class B Healthcare Autoclave
A free-standing, cabinet enclosed unit is simple and as easy to use as any tabletop autoclave.
Automatic, large-capacity autoclave
Perfect for multi-practitioner practices, clinics or surgery centers.
Tiva 2 Countertop Washer Disinfector - open door
Tiva 2 Washer Disinfector
Powerful and reliable
Provides a flexible turnkey solution for washing, disinfecting and drying diverse medical instruments.
T-Edge 11
Maximum efficiency. Minimum costs.
Fully automated autoclave that frees up your time to treat patients.