Information connecting your work environment

The T-Connect is software for smart clinics to leverage advanced technology to improve workflow efficiency and results. The T-Connect features paperless documentation, device diagnostics, and troubleshooting. Knowing where and what the technical glitches are, allows you to have accelerated service, minimizing your device downtime.

Dental office with T-Connect software and T-Top autoclave

High level of efficiency through cloud storage

Information is everything and connecting to your working environment for quick and easy data retrieval will differentiate your clinic and patient care.

T-Connect Software Screens
T-Connect System

How can we help you?

We will fix your device if it is already broken or help to carry out preventive maintenance to prevent this.

Maintenance Data Customer Process

Connect To The Future Of Sterilization With T-Connect

Connect from any device. Remotely monitor cycle history, notifications, alerts, can be downloaded or saved in the cloud.

Technicians and service centers can remotely analyze autoclaves, diagnose and resolve problems.

Easy to use. Includes suggestions on how to resolve the problem in video and instructions format.

Your data is always safe.

More Efficient Sterilization Process Eco-System

T-Connect innovation redefines sterilization solutions using software intelligence.

Chain of Clinics
  • Monitoring health practice steri-centers remotely
  • Unified & complete database of all sterilization device activities
  • Complete sterilization device visibility at a click
  • Eliminates the need for printing - Eco-friendly
  • Shorter service reaction times & reduced device downtime
  • Remote support from service provider improves office management with remote data access and analysis
Service Provider
  • Unparalleled transparency of customer devices
  • Remote access for updates
  • Visible technical diagnostics as a tool for predictive maintenance
  • Fast and prepared service visits
Cyber Security Protection

Tuttnauer understands the importance of cyber security in our customer’s operations and want to assure you that our machines have robust cyber security measures to provide enhanced protection. 

Our sterilizer machines undergo rigorous testing and meet the stringent requirements of FDA and CE approvals, ensuring a secure environment for your data and operations. Additionally, we continuously stay updated with the latest advancements in cyber security to ensure that our solutions offer a high level of protection. 

T-Connect system is protected by Check Point Quantum IoT Protect Nano Agent®.  Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (www.checkpoint.com) is a leading provider of cyber security solutions to corporate enterprises and governments globally.  Check Point protects over 100,000 organizations of all sizes.

T-Connect Brochure

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I like T-Connect because ...

‘I like the T-Connect because I can see all my customer cycles, I just had a missed call from a customer who had the T-Connect registered.  I quickly checked their autoclave and saw there was no malfunctions, so I knew the call wasn’t an emergency, this really helps with my time management.’ 

- Martin, Independent Inspections

T-Connect on different devices
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