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Automatic Tabletop Sterilizers
3870M Manual Autoclave Sterilizer
Manual Tabletop Sterilizers
Freestanding Autoclaves
Tiva 2 Washer disinfector
Washer Disinfectors
Plazmax Low Temp Vaporized Sterilizer
Low Temperature Sterilizer

Veterinary Autoclaves & Washers

Veterinary clinics and hospitals rely on Tuttnauer tabletop sterilizers, backed by excellent tech support, service and extensive product warranties.

Product Spotlight

Manual veterinary autoclave
The most cost-efficient solution for your clinic.
Manual veterinary autoclave
Safe, dependable and economical.
T-Edge Veterinary Autoclave Sterilizer
Our quality. Your peace of mind.
T-Edge Vet 11
Automatic control, saves you time sterilizing so you get more done.

Manual and automatic autoclaves

If you are opening a new veterinary practice looking for a budget friendly autoclave or a high speed autoclave then see Tuttnauer's range of sterilizers.
Freestanding autoclaves for vets

Freestanding Heavy Duty Sterilizers

Tuttnauer offers a range of large chamber autoclaves for high throughput veterinary facilities, as well as a high capacity mobile autoclave on wheels.
TIVA High Thermal Washer Disinfector

Washers Disinfectors

High-thermal washers for the disinfection veterinary instruments and containers.
PlazMax Sterilizer

Low Temperature Sterilizer

Safely sterilizer heat and moisture sensitive equipment with vaporized hydrogen peroxide.
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