The user can use either the classic CAT2007 control panel or the optional advanced touch screen panel with a sophisticated userfriendly PLC control system based on the Allen Bradley® platform. A self-diagnostic system provides messages and alerts that are clearly displayed. The LCD displays constant cycle parameter readouts and cycle progress information. Double door autoclaves can be provided with minimal or full control capabilities on the unloading side.

Classic Control System

The T-Max is equipped with an advanced control system and CAT2007 panel, and provides the following features:

  • High precision control system for perfect and repeatable sterilization results
  • Continuously displays the pressure in chamber, jacket, steam generator, and door gasket
  • Ability to customize cycle parameters to maximize flexibility
  • Password protection provides secure access
  • Convenient data backup for cycle information recovery in case of power failure or cycle interruption
  • Fail Alert – Indicates cycle failure or interruption
  • Door Alert – Indicates unlocked door

Advanced Touch Screen Control System

An optional touch screen panel with a sophisticated user-friendly PLC control system based on the advanced Allen-Bradley (AB) platform provides the following additional features:

  • A 5.6“ touch screen for easy access to controls and information via the panel
  • Multilingual - 23 languages
  • Built-in view and back-up of historical cycle data and alarm/events stored on external flash memory
  • Technician menus: Sensor Calibration, Change Parameters, In/Out test and PID tuning
  • Graphical display of Temperature and Pressure trend graphs
  • Up to 16 different Barcodes - optional

SCADA Software

The SCADA Software provides a fully PC-controlled communications system. The SCADA software allows complete control and monitoring of up to sixteen autoclaves. The software retrieves information, prints data on paper, and displays real-time data in graphs and tables on screen.

Optional 10" Touch Screen

The touch screen displays cycle data in both a textual or graphical format and provides a continuous visual guide. Moreover, it provides a visual display of all piping for monitoring purposes.

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