Bio-Shield Frame Option

The Tuttnauer bio-shield frame meets the BSL2 bio-safety level. The autoclave is surrounded by a frame that serves as a placeholder for a cross-contamination seal made of Neoprene sheet. The Neoprene sheet is placed between the frame and wall at site.

Bio-Shield Barrier System Option

The Tuttnauer bio-shield system meets BSL3 and BSL4 bio-safety levels using a wall seal (type 3).

  • Jacket Frame - This system includes a fully welded metal strip surrounding the jacket. It is equipped with threaded studs, counter plate, nuts and necessary pass through fittings for wiring or tube paths.
  • Wall Frame - The frame is anchored to a concrete wall. Studs, counter plate, nuts and neoprene sheets are used to seal the gap between the wall and the frame.
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