Autoclaves a granel para Veterinaria Cámaras de gran capacidad

  1. Cámaras de 1500 a 8840 litros
  2. Gran volumen de tratamientos de residuos
  3. Bomba con pre y post vacío
  4. Sistema de efluentes térmicos
  5. Para aplicaciones de Veterinaria


The chamber is constructed from durable AISI 316L grade stainless steel material. The bulk autoclave models have fully jacketed chambers ranging in volume from 2000 to 8720 liters. Chambers can also be custom built to suit specific end-user requirements. The inner chamber wall surface has a shiny polished finish with an Ra value ≤ 0,8µm. The bulk autoclaves are designed to accommodate any load that has to be sterilized. Small items may be placed on specially designed trolleys and racks.


Each model is available in either single or double door configuration. The doors are automatic horizontal sliding doors and are operated by a pneumatic door mechanism. The door is constructed from AISI 316L grade stainless steel that provides maximum reliability and minimum maintenance. The door closure is secured by means of a high grade silicon profile that is forced against the door by compressed air.

Door Safety

All doors are designed with a number of safety features:

  • No door will open if there is still pressure in the chamber
  • No door will open if the chamber or load temperature is too high
  • In a double door system it is impossible to open two doors simultaneously
  • During door closing, the door will open immediately if an object is detected in front of it
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