27 Liters

T-Edge Vet 11 Our quality. Your peace of mind.

Tuttnauer T-Edge Vet autoclave gives you high quality Class B performance that meets current international standards and regulatory requirements to protect your furry patients.

The T-Edge Vet sterilizer line fits all your sterilization needs from adjusting cycle parameters to accommodating double wrapped pouches. Helping veterinarians meet today’s challenging workloads in of modern veterinary practices.

  • Reliability & support - Are you looking for a safe and reliable autoclave with a long life-span? With the superior Tuttnauer quality – get your peace of mind
  • Durable and sturdy technology with ease-of-use
  • Designed to provide high quality repeatable performance and accountability for a wide range of applications used in modern clinics of all types
  • Performance: effective cycle times that ensure the safe sterilization of all your instruments
T-Edge Veterinary Autoclave Sterilizer
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Highest quality for your peace of mind
T-Edge 10 Tabletop Autoclave
Fast Cycles
Fast cycle times for wrapped instruments, complete cycle, including drying.
Optimal chamber capacity
More than 75% chamber capacity with 5 extra-long trays.
Convenient loading
Convenient and easy loading with door opening to 110°.
Advanced documentation
A variety of documentation and traceability options and barcodes.
User-friendly touchpad control panel
Displays programs, cycles times, water levels and more.
Chamber Capacity
27 Liters
Data & Software
Data & Software
User-friendly touchpad and control panel. Quickly see programs, cycles times, water levels and more.
Remote Wi-Fi Monitoring via smartphone or tablet.
Advanced documentation and traceability options. For safety and regulatory purposes, scan barcode data (including expiration date) for the patient file during treatment.
T-Edge 10 Tabletop Autoclave
Technical Specifications
Overall Dimensions
480 W x 500 H x 600 D (in mm)
Chamber Volume
27 Liters
Chamber Size
460 Depth x 280 Ø (in mm)
Tray Capacity
5 Trays
1 Ethernet port, 2 USB ports, WiFi, integrated automatic water filling and drain connection
Item Supplies
5 Trays, tray handle, 1 instrument pouch, drain tube, 1 instrument pouch rack
Power Supply & Frequency
230V at 50/60Hz
10A Maximum
58 kg
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