85L / 22.5 Gallon Chamber

3870HSG-WS Pre & Post Vacuum, Compact, Powerful and Reliable

The 3870HSG-WS autoclave is an 85 liter autoclave that is ideal for ASC’s and large clinics. The  3870HSG-WS autoclave provides hospital grade sterilization and medium loading capacity at a cost-effective price that meets the highest international standards.

Water saving system
Multi-Color Display
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Ideal for large dental clinics
A pre & post vacuum autoclave packed with all the features and reliability of a large capacity autoclave at a fraction of the size and cost.
Pre & Post Vacuum Performance
Built-in vacuum pump used for fractionated pre vacuum air removal that eliminates air pockets from all load types.
Independent Mode - no need to connect the autoclave to the building utilities for distilled water, tap water or drain.
Water Saving System – up to 5 liters of tap water per day only.
Easy to Use
Multi-colored display and easy 3-button pad to easily browse pre-programmed sterilization cycles and user directories with a built-in alpha-numeric printer.
Cost Effective
Rounded chamber allows for economic performance, without compromising efficiency.
Sleep Mode
Control system switches off while  not in use. The generator remains active  24 hours per day!
Low Rate Cycle
You can run your sterilizer after work hours, by setting a delayed start time.   
Compact Design
High capacity autoclave which does not require a lot of space. Fits through standard doorways.
An optimized program for every load
The 3870HSG-WS comes with (4) FDA cleared cycles: unwrapped instruments, wrapped instruments, unwrapped delicate instruments, wrapped delicate instruments. Also included are two test cycles, Bowie Dick and Vacuum test.

Up to 16 additional custom cycles can be programmed.
Test Cycle
Verify proper air removal from the autoclave chamber.
Leak Test Cycle
Verify the integrity of the pressure vessel and its plumbing on a daily or weekly basis.
Data where you need it
The 3870HSG-WS gives you easy access to its cycle data. Via USB, Ethernet or printer.
Data where you need it
The 3870HSG-WS gives you easy access to its cycle data. Via USB, Ethernet or printer.
USB and Ethernet Ports
A bright multicolor LCD panel with rotating wheel to indicate active
Multiple access levels for added security
3870HSG-WS autoclave dimensions
Technical specifications
Overall Dimensions
28.4” W x 53.8” H x 46.5” L
Chamber Volume
85 Liter/22.5 Gallon
Chamber Dimensions (Ø x L)
15.2" x 29.9"
Number of Trays
Tray Dimensions (W x H x D)
Small: 13.3" x 1" x 26.6"
Large: 13.8" x 1" x 26.6"
Electrical Specifications
3-Phase, 230Volts, 25 Amp., 60 Hz
9 kW
Autoclave Weight
397 Lbs
Designed to meet the most current sterilization standards
Complies with all the strictest international directives and standards, including UL, FDA, CE, ASME.
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